Jacqui Taylor posted a picture that was also on my facebook news feed this past week. It read: “Swimming pools are filled with people. Some you know. Some you don’t. And every once in a while you see something that maybe you shouldn’t. That’s why swimming pools are a little like Facebook.”

I also agree with the post.. It got my attention when I saw it and instantly I thought of gross pool incidents the post could have been referring to. Then I began to think of the meaning behind the metaphor. Strangers share a common ground with one another and it seems instinctively, we are used to this form of sharing within different aspects of our lives. For instance, it isn’t uncommon to see a picture of my high school teacher’s baby on facebook- something that would never be shown in a classroom setting. It seems, given the right platform, people are willing to share/do personal things that wouldn’t normally be shared. Essentially, people in a pool are all bathing in the same water yet it isn’t seen in that light at all. The way people act differently in different situations is amusing to see.


Side note~ Babies in Egypt have been named Facebook