What should we talk about in this class?


Good question! I would like to explore how people talk differently in various contexts. We all change our tone and way of speaking given the environment we are placed in. News anchors are trying to relate (target) a young audience by talking in code. I never thought I would hear “lol”, “wtf” or “lmao” from the news. This approach didn’t seem to relate at all- it kind of sounded like one of your parents trying to be hip and “with the times” when clearly they aren’t.


Social Semiotics


Social semiotics is a branch of the field of semiotics which investigates human signifying practices in specific social and cultural circumstances, and which tries to explain meaning-making as a social practice.

Social semiotics is thus the study of the social dimensions of meaning, and of the power of human processes of signification and interpretation (known as semiosis) in shaping individuals and societies.”

How I learn best..


When learning about a new topic I learn most efficiently through visuals and being hands on. For example, if I’m learning how to do a fish tail braid, I have to look at how it’s done through pictures/video followed by going through the steps myself and creating a braid. I also like peace and quiet when I’m studying in order not to be distracted.