What is your relationship to social media?

Personally, I am not a facebook “junky” but I do find I frequently visit my wall to procrastinate. I’ll check it periodically throughout the day. Maybe I’m in denial of how much I use it- it would be interesting to see the average amount of times I actually go on facebook per day. Aside from being a visual timeline and a record of one’s life, facebook is a useful tool to connect with all types of people. You can connect with someone across the world if you’d like and that holds a certain power in itself. Furthermore, I would not likely use another form of communication to contact an old classmate or someone I barely know. Facebook to me is an informal platform that can be used loosely on my terms. I always keep in mind never to post or say anything I can’t take back though.. so in a way I’m contradicting my last thought. I don’t have a relationship to any other social media compared to facebook and my standard yahoo email account. Other social media I use but very rarely include LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

Side note~ 69% of parents are “friends” with their children on social media.


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